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Experience Art Installation's unique approach to art placement and installation on your next project. Here's what you can expect:

Expertise - The Art Installations staff has a personal commitment to art, fostered by art history and fine art backgrounds. The founder of the company was born into an art and photographic family, educated in Blackrock college and worked in several art and framing galleries in Dublin (Appletons Picture Framers, Cumbridge Fine Arts) and Frames by you in New York

Experience - Our experience with every type of artwork in every venue ensures that we will understand your placement and installation needs. We balance this visual perspective with knowledge of the most effective and efficient installation techniques.

Problem Solving - Art Installations consultants are experts at looking beyond the obvious solution to find the most secure and appealing way to display and install pieces.

Professionalism - We maintain relationships with some of the country's most prestigious companies and schools. You can expect the highest level of professionalism and reliability from Art Installations.

Art Installations installs collections of all kinds: outsider art, impressionist and modern paintings, contemporary photographs, Renaissance tapestry panels, mirrors of all sizes. The installations of mirrors can turn out to be a centre peace in any room. It's a delicate job, requiring Art Installations employees to perform complex mathematical and technical operations. Certain rules almost always apply: for instance, works of different sizes look most pleasing when centred along an imaginary line 60 inches above the floor. But light switches, fireplaces, and large pieces of furniture often complicate the task.

Perhaps even more challenging is staying attuned to client psychology. We have to know when our opinion is wanted. Sometimes we are just doing the physical hanging, sometimes we help decide where things go. Sometimes we decide entirely on our own.

For many of us hanging art on walls generally involves little more than a tape measure, a pencil, and much guesswork, keeping our fingers crossed that the item will somehow be stable, straight, and perfectly placed. But for Alan Raymond, the founder of Art Installations, the placement of such work is an art in and of itself.

Art Installations will come into your home and hang everything from valuable pieces to family photographs and framed posters you have had since college. Armed with all the necessary tools, Alan and his team will move pieces around the wall, until the optimal arrangement strikes.

Alan Raymond is art display expert which includes the installation and framing part.

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